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Batiglobal UK, a construction company in London, uses its wide savoir-faire and knowledge for the refurbishment, planning, or transformation of your property or workplace. The company is located in six strategic locations: London, Strasbourg, Paris, French Riviera, Luxembourg and Moscow. Our specialty: high-end service. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of your living environment or living space by creating a safe, secure, warm and comfortable environment. Ask your free quotation today!

Our work

  • Unique spokesperson

    Batiblogal is the choice of a single, trusted contact person who will take care of the coordination on site.
  • Schedule

    BatiGlobal is able to ensure the start of the construction project within a week of acceptance of the quotation.
  • Quotations

    We offer you the possibility of quickly producing free and detailed quotes without any obligation on your part.
  • High-end services

    With Batiglobal you make sure that you choose quality services made by building professionals.
  • Location

    Our presence in England, France, Luxembourg and Russia guarantees our international mobility.