Take advantage of the 10% VAT rate

Benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 10% instead of 20% for all your maintenance, conversion and improvement work!

For whom and what types of premises?

Whether it is a principal or secondary residence, or business premises, all individuals and companies qui font appel à un professionnel des travaux who call on a professional for work can benefit from the 10% VAT.

However, only premises that have been completed more than two years ago and are due for renovation can benefit from a VAT reduction.

It concerns more particularly the following premises:

  • Single-family homes and apartments in apartment buildings
  • The outbuildings linked to these houses and apartments (balconies, storage rooms, attics…)
  • The common areas of multi-family buildings mainly used for residential purposes
  • Undeveloped surfaces (if they are adjacent to the house): grilles, fencing walls…

For which works?

The 10% VAT applies to:

  • Renovation work, improvement work (acoustic and/or thermal insulation, installation of central heating…), alteration (upper floor fitting, kitchen creation…) and maintenance work (roofs, interior paints, replacement of shutters…)
  • Raw materials, materials and supplies (sand, tiles, wood, tiles…)
  • To the professional workforce who must pass through a company able to provide you with an invoice
  • Equipment (electrical equipment, shutters, sanitary facilities, etc.)

Which works are not subject to 10% VAT?

Will keep a 20% VAT on the following work: :

  • Cleaning
  • Development and maintenance of green spaces
  • Household and furniture equipment (swimming pool, sauna, spa, elevator, boiler for multi-family buildings, household appliances…)
  • Increasing the floor area of existing premises bymore than 10%.
  • Which leads to an elevation of the building or a construction addition

However, for emergency work (plumbing works in case of leakage, locksmithing works in case of break-in…), the reduced rate is applicable regardless of the date of completion of the dwelling!

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