Savoir faire

We refurbish, transform, rehabilitate and arrange apartments, individuals houses, shops, offices, private or industrial.

Batiglobal teams are all highly qualified, motivated and with the sense of service. Our communication and commercial development goes through word of mouth of satisfied customers, constituted of private owners, as well as professionals and companies.
Positioned on the sector of high-quality prestations, respectful of the safest and most adapted techniques and methods for the execution of the project with always in mind the client’s constraints, Batiglobal provides a fine work, a respected schedule and the best ratio price/quality possible. Whatever the size of your project, Batiglobal can take in charge all or part of the planning and realisation of your project of refurbishment, transformation, increasing or building maintenance. One direct and priveleged spokesperson during the whole duration of the project, we provide advices ahead* to offer an effective decision support*.Depending on the nature of the works and the wishes of the client, solicitous over the quality, the costs and the safetyness, we work in partnership with recognised and certified architects.